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Welcome to
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The creation of a well designed and effective website is a valuable communications and marketing tool that is often an area outside the comfort zone of a small business or non-profit entity that still wants to develop an online 24 hour / 7 day week / 365 days a year - Internet presence.

We are interested in offering our services to fill any skills/abilities gap for you. We are an enthusiastic small business with over 20 years of experience in information technologies and website design and have created this website as an online example to demonstrate what is possible yet very inexpensive for clients, such as yourselves, to have a quality Internet website presence.

You may contact us at anytime to discuss your website needs and how we might provide creative website solutions for your Internet webpage needs. You may want something simple which can promote and provide basic information on your business or organization. While others may want a website with a What's New section of the site which is used for new or changing information so that it doesn't need alot of changes or updates.

Whatever your needs, we can help you on your way to using the Internet as the latest tool for effective and inexpensive communications, promotion and marketing.

We offer professional and inexpensive consultation services to discuss your personal, business or orgaization website needs. We will discuss your options and agree on the proper depth and complexity of your website. We will then look at your update and maintenance requirements to determine an appropriate schedule for maintenance. We want to get our clients up and running using the latest marketing and communication tools with a minimal financial investment.

Interested In Seeing Some of our Sample Graphics?

Then go to our Sample Graphics section. Where you'll get further insight on ways we can create and visually enhance your website solution. Here we will display typical website attributes like text logos, graphics, photos, images, menus, tables, etc. that we have mastered that are cross compatible with most Internet browsers.

Did You Think Websites Have To Be Expensive?

Did you think a website would cost thousands of dollars and/or they would often times still be full of poor navigation, scrolling bars, crazy frames, unwanted links, and banner advertising? This does not have to be the case. Read on....

Want a clear and concise "Creative Website Solution" for your business or organization? Tired of hearing about supposedly in-expensive websites with a ton of add-on costs and techy features that you are at a loss to figure out! Want something that can effectively advertise your business/organization without breaking your bank/budget and/or having to deal with all the technology terms. Keep reading...

We will use many services that have little costs beyond our website design skills and using online tools and resources that already exist. Also these resources have minimal (if any) advertising or banner ads to clutter up "your website". Don't believe us? How much unwanted material (as described above) do you see on any of our clients websites? Do we have your interest peaked yet? You can check out more information on the typical costs and reasons of "Why a Website?" using Creative Website Solutions.

You Know What You Like and
What You Don't Like When Checking Out a Typical Website.

But do you have anyone to help you to define and create what you need for your website? You know you want a quality site that is easy to navigate through and has reasonable features for maintanance. One designed with really useful information and with logical flow in mind. One that loads fast, with a good visual balance of graphics and text.

The following links in this paragraph are to independently choosen sites where we have seen, all too often, Web Pages That Suck. Pardon the bluntness of their title, but with 15 years of experience, these guys really understand good and bad website design and are helpful to clearly explain the typical problems that we so often see. Another independent example is 20 of the Worst Designed Websites In the World. Then there is the Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design which explains some of the flaws, behind the scenes, that make for poorly designed websites. There are many websites out there that are just not well thought out, and hence have many flaws in their design.

Mistakes, Unwanted Errors And Things Like:

  • Poor color match choices,
  • Frames and windows - too many, too much clutter,
  • Hard to read text, fonts and graphics,
  • Even harder menus to follow and a lack of logical flow,
  • Unusally wide margins with too many scroll bars,
  • Filled with dead links and 404 Errors,
  • Super cluttered and busy,
  • Those nasty pop-up and banner ads,
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on.

We do our very best to ensure that such concerns are dispelled with a simple clean well organized website that compliments you existing business or organization.

You may want your visitors to sign a guestbook and provide comments or to complete a mini survey from an Online Form that seeks input to better serve your customers.

Are you still confused... Not sure really just what you want or need? Then start by Contacting Us for a free initial consultation on how we can help you with a Creative Website Solution.

If you want to see some great examples of our recent Creative Website Solutions go to our Client Websites page.

You'll See Websites with ...

  • Full website design services
  • Graphic / logo design
  • Search engine submission
  • Website maintenance
  • Balance of text and graphics
  • Proper use of tables and bullet lists
  • No slow loading wasteful intro splash pages
  • Good use of valid value added links
  • Jargon free with a logical flow
  • Easy to view and navigate effectively
  • Nothing overwhelming or complex to follow

Do you want more information and rationale on what we offer? Then go to our Services Offered page.

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