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This is the "Why A Website?" Section for Creative Website Solutions

The Following are Ten Good Reasons Why Your Business / Organization Needs To Have an Internet Presence (Website):

  1. Your Clients
    - An increasing number of your clients are using the Internet more frequently and on a regular basis.
  2. Promote Your Business
    - A website is constantly there promoting the products and services for your business or organization and will help generate sales and interest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Constant Showcase
    - A website can provide an indepth showcase of what your business or organization has to offer, in one easy-to-navigate location.
  4. Client Can Be Anonymous
    - A website allows for the soft sell approach. A visitor to your site can spend as much uninterrupted time as they like to decide if and when they want to follow up on your company's product or service offerings. No hovering salesmen means less pressure for your potential clients.
  5. Enhance Your Marketing
    - A website can effectively supplement and enhance your company's marketing activities
  6. To Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    - Whoever answers the telephone in your organization can tell you, their time is usually spent answering the same questions over and over again. These are the questions customers and prospects want to have answered before they decide to do business with you. Posting these answers on your website will not only be more convenient for the client, but also mean your employees can devote more time to other tasks as opposed to answering those pesky FAQs.
    - Your own domain name ( establishes strong online brand identity, and also allows you to set up email addresses specific to your own company - email being the most common way to communicate efficiently and professionally with the rest of the world.
  8. Greater Consumer Impact
    - The Internet provides a level playing field for all companies - a well-designed website for a small company can have just the same presence and consumer impact on the web as a multinational corporation.
  9. Global Market
    - The Internet opens your business to a whole new global market and can attract a great deal of interest through effective use of search engine optimization, links and other online promotional activities.
  10. Your Competitors
    - Your competitors may already be gaining substantial market share and the cutting edge over your company due to their existing presence on the web - your organization cannot afford to be left behind.

What About The Cost Comparisons of Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing / Advertising Costs - Can Be So High!

The cost of using traditional marketing methods for a product or service for a small business or organization can be very high with limited results. Truly when you do a cost comparison we can easily show you a quick example why a website is not a bad option to consider. For example, in the spring of 2011 we sought out recent advertising costs for an ad in a local newspaper with a small local circulation of some 3300 people. The price for a 1/4 page ad for 1 week was $250 and if you had one per month for a year, that ad would cost you some $3600.00 without adding the taxes. - Okay, so lets go smaller, now even a reasonable size classified ad for 1 week is $70, and if you had one per month for a year, that ad would cost you some $960.00 again even without adding the taxes. So marketing, even a small amount in traditional media can add up pretty fast and blanket advertising with a small ad can only do so much. That is why periodic advertising using traditional media coupled with the value add of referring to a website for more details, gives you a much better penetration into an open and competitive internet savy marketplace.

The comparison of paying $1000 plus for basic coverage every year using traditional advertising to having a website which often can be developed for the same amount or even less (through us) is truly something worth exploring. Creative Website Solutions is just that type of option to carefully consider. Although we, as most website design companies, hesitate to quote an upfront final price until we have a proper opportunity to explore your needs and our fit to provide you with the right website service to best serve you, we often come to a contracted website arrangement that is indeed cheaper and a better value for your dollar then just throwing money at those traditional forms of basic broad shot advertising as the primary means to get your business or organization marketing coverage.

Other Independent Links / Rationale As To: - Why a Website?

Have you got a small business or organization that needs marketing? Do you need a Creative Website Solution? Let Creative Website Solution (CWS) put you on the Web. Perhaps we haven't completely sold you on the reasons for a website, yet? Well you could refer to more information in our "About Us" section of our website RE: Costs of using traditional forms of advertising - newspapers - phone book ads, etc, compared to website.

Still don't believe us, Then check out some other people's / group's opinions or find your own via a google search. We have located a number of independent links to further proof on the value and use of having a website. We also have located and documented some famous and/or influentual persons testimonial quotes regarding the advances in the Internet and Social Media below.

  • The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. ~ Bill Gates

  • National borders aren't even speed bumps on the information superhighway. ~ Tim May

  • Nowadays, anyone who cannot speak English and is incapable of using the Internet is regarded as backward. ~ Al-Waleed bin Talal

  • The Internet is clearly about more than sports scores and email now. It's a place where we can conduct our democracy and get very large amounts of data to very large numbers of people. ~ Frank James

  • Advances in computer technology and the Internet have changed the way America works, learns, and communicates. The Internet has become an integral part of America's economic, political, and social life. ~ Bill Clinton

  • One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data. ~ Jared Sandberg

  • The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. ~ Rupert Murdoch

  • Five years ago, we thought of the Web as a new medium, not a new economy. ~ Clement Mok

The links below are representative of more of those facts and opinions from various credible sources found online. Although we have done our best to locate and research these links, and largely agree with ther findings, we do not necessarily warrant the content and opinions of their detailed findings as 100 % factual in any way. These are offered as independent opinions, only.

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Hopefully this will help convince you that a website has an important role to play in your business or organization. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, right now, and we'll get you started on this amazing Internet presence (i.e. website) journey.

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